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Meet a New Kind of Workforce Screening Solution: StaffGlass

Seamless Employee Onboarding

Take new hires through the entirety of your company’s pre-employment screening requirements with unparalleled efficiency.

Create a Single Employee Record

It all starts with a single employee record backed with data extracted from a government-issued ID.

Drug Testing

Whether you require a basic 5 Panel Drug Test for new hires or you manage a comprehensive drug testing program, StaffGlass provides an unparalleled ability to set up any test you need, anywhere you need it in the USA.

Background Screening

Securely and remotely identify and verify job applicants, search criminal background, verify professional history, and ensure the ultimate in liability reduction.

Occupational Health Assessments

Reduce healthcare claims and minimize workplace risk by accessing and managing occupational health screening directly through our platform, allowing employees to get tested quickly and efficiently.

E-Sign Document Management

Simplify onboarding processes and ongoing documentation needs with streamlined e-sign and document management capabilities.

Why Switch to StaffGlass?


Minimize data entry error with the power of a single employee record. Let go of piecemeal solutions for drug testing, occupational health screening, background checks, and e-signature documents.


Consolidate days of effort to set up screenings into mere minutes with a software that lets you schedule, administer, and track results — all on one platform.


Achieve peace-of-mind knowing that sensitive personnel data and test results are protected by best-in-class encryption and data management practices.


Get up and running in no time! Set up a single test to get started, or quickly configure your whole company dashboard with the help of our intuitive interface and powerful capabilities.

Build Your flow

Rapidly connect your company's disconnected employee onboarding services into a seamless, continuous, integrated flow.

Identify The Best Candidates

Eliminate the chokepoints, duplication, and extraneous noise in the hiring process. Identify and hire the best candidate in less time.

Screen, Screen, Hire!

Drug testing, occupational health screening, background checks and more...all in a single portal, optimized for efficiency, security, and speed.

The Ultimate End-to-End Onboarding Solution

A single intuitive platform with end-to-end capabilities that simplify testing, speed up onboarding, and streamline ongoing checkpoints.

StaffGlass offers a holistically engineered workforce management experience for the entirety of your onboarding, cleverly tailored to help you make smarter personnel decisions. Services are accessed, locations are founds, screenings are ordered, and statuses are tracked and reported in one simple platform. Sensitive employee records including test results are securely encrypted and easily searched behind your login. You are in control of the data every step of the way.

3X *

Faster Onboarding

The services we offer have been trusted by over 10,000 companies in industries as far-ranging as construction, healthcare, technology, retail, service businesses, logistics and more.

*Based on user feedback regarding length of time to create and manage employee records in StaffGlass versus multiple legacy HRIS applications.

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