Less Hassle, More Hustle.

With a seamless candidate on-boarding and screening system that eliminates data entry error, streamlines scheduling, and securely stores screening results, we’re here to help you minimize liability and increase efficiency, all in one fell swoop.

Get set up in just minutes.


Identifying info is automatically extracted

Take no chances. Get your candidate data directly from their government issued photo ID. The employee record starts with a simple scan.


Seamlessly manage candidate screening process

Remotely and securely follow a candidate through their pre-hire processes.


From Testing to Onboarding with Ease

Integrated flows mean simplicity for you. Flow seamlessly from completion of pre-hire screening to initiation of new-hire paperwork.

I found StaffGlass while trying to set up drug testing as a part of the onboarding process for my company. While getting that done, I found they have a much greater platform that made it easy to do background checks and even pre-hire occupational health testing. Very satisfied!

Russell R.  Sr. Recruiter

How StaffGlass Protects Your Data

Go beyond merely ensuring legal compliance and truly protect your workplace and mitigate legal liability.

Data encryption in-transit utilizing SSL/TLS

Data encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES ciphers

Physical data center security utilizing Amazon cloud

Network segmentation using AWS Security Groups, VPCs, ACLs, and custom measures

"A" score on Qualys SLL Labs test

Tenant data isolation via logical segregation

How StaffGlass Protects Your Business

Go beyond merely ensuring legal compliance and truly protect your workplace and mitigate legal liability.

Continuous backup and replication of data to geographically-diverse data centers

Federated identity management (FIM) + industry standard cryptographically signed tokens = bulletproof security for your data and business processes

Role-based access that enforces segregation of duties for staff and users

Routine disaster-recovery measures tested enabling 99.5% uptime

We are building a community of trust

Make the right decision. Every screening. Every hire.

Mitigate risk and ensure workplace safety with screening services that go above and beyond industry standards to guarantee you the most comprehensive employee analysis available.

Background Screening

Protect your company from liability by using our remote identity verification for employment background check. Even work-from-home staff can be securely screened.

Drug + Alcohol Testing

Easily search and find a location for drug testing from over 10,000 clinics. Register the employee, forward a barcode, receive status updates, and get results securely...all inside your secure StaffGlass portal.

Occupational Health Screening

Offer periodic antibody testing for your staff to minimize the risk of exposure to infectious diseases like COVID-19. Quickly register staff for occupational health services anywhere in the USA.

Take No Chances. Waste No Time.