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With deep expertise in industry-specific requests and compliance standards, StaffGlass is uniquely equipped to meet your industry’s specialized needs.

Custom Solutions For Countless Industries


The StaffGlass platform allows you to comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations, perform DOT background checks including FMCSA Clearinhouse Searches, and set up DOT Physicals nationwide.


Assure patient and workplace safety by easily setting up required antibody testing, vaccinations, and physicals. Background Screen healthcare staff with our FACIS check, OIG reporting, and licensure verification services.


Get background screens relevant to your jurisdiction, including searches of federal criminal databases. Obtain the right drug screens required by your agency, including DHHS and NRC drug tests.


Screen staff with executive level background check and comprehensive 20 panel drug tests. Check for OFAC Sanctions and illegal drug use that can compromise your business and client assets.


Go from recruitment to first day training in record time with a secure, efficient platform that coordinates the steps for you. Access our API to customize your onboarding experience.

Child Care

Test for any illicit drug use with unlimited testing options. Run comprehensive background checks to ensure your hires are not on the Sex Offender Registry and have appropriate licensure.

Industries across every vertical rely on StaffGlass.

Our platform was built from the ground up to accommodate configuration of position-specific drug testing, occupational health screening, and background checks. Use pre-set industry templates or configure your own onboarding flow.

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1 Million

Tests Performed

Drug Testing and Occ Health clinics in all 50 states

Nationwide Court Runners to meet the Highest Standard in Background Check

US Based Customer Service to respond to your unique industry needs

Make the right decision. Every screening. Every hire.

Mitigate risk and ensure workplace safety with screening services that go above and beyond industry standards to guarantee you the most comprehensive employee analysis available.

One Employee, One System

Integrated onboarding means you can comply with multiple industry requirements in one place. Get the drug test, background check, and antibody testing on the same platform.

Comply with Audits

With the results of multiple HR services in one place, the results you need for an audit are at your fingertips. Automatically store drug test results, blood test immunity, and criminal history in one place.

Listen to Your Data

Beyond the convenience of StaffGlass is the power of its analytics. By integrating your onboarding services in one unified platform, you can get smarter faster.

"I was worried StaffGlass wouldn’t meet the specific needs of my industry, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to incorporate all of our requirements into the onboarding process!"

Sara G.  Human Resources Specialist

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