SAAS Recruiting Software

SaaS is cloud-based software that is licensed to users on a subscription basis. This is an attractive alternative to investing in systems and software, especially for startups and other small businesses. At the start of 2020, nearly two-thirds of businesses planned to move all their systems to SaaS. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, SaaS recruitment software has been especially helpful, as it allows for staff members working remotely to continue their recruitment, hiring and onboarding practices without the difficulties of standalone software and system requirements. The subscription-based model of SaaS recruiting software makes it much easier for smaller business to navigate these uncertain times.

The StaffGlass integrated cloud-based recruitment platform combines remote identity verification, applicant tracking and interaction, drug and alcohol testing, background screenings, occupational health assessments and e-sign document management into an easy-to-use dashboard interface.

Learn how StaffGlass SaaS recruitment software outperforms the "old school method" of multiple applications and websites.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is software that’s on demand, whenever you need it. The features and database that stores your data is all hosted by the vendor in the cloud, and they’re fully responsible for security and maintenance. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on what services you need, and can change your subscription level at any time.

What is SaaS Recruiting?

With SaaS recruitment software, virtually every task in the recruitment process is handled from within a centralized cloud-based platform. Hiring managers can obtain and store applicant information, verify identity, check references and conduct background checks. Other services may be available to make talent acquisition a smoother, quicker process.

With StaffGlass, hiring managers have easy access to easy and accurate drug and alcohol testing, occupational health assessments, and document and e-sign management, centered around a single applicant/employee record.

What Are the Benefits of SaaS Recruitment Software?

SaaS recruitment software offers many benefits to small businesses and any organization that wants to streamline and enhance its talent acquisition process. Using the right SaaS recruitment tools helps you to hire the best candidates in the shortest amount of time.

Benefits include:

No upfront cost – You don’t need to purchase and install software and have dedicated servers.
Cloud based – All you need is internet access and a login.
Subscription model – You pay as you go, and you only pay for what you need. There is no payment for unused licensing. Companies can use advanced technology without the financial risk of expensive hardware and software.
Saves time – No installation required. The SaaS vendor is responsible for maintenance and upgrades.
Centralized solution – In most cases, you only need to become familiar with one platform, rather than multiple applications and websites.
Faster workplace adoption – Getting human resources professionals in your organization up to speed is faster and easier.
Accessibility – Cloud-based architecture means you can connect from any location with an internet access. There are no system requirement considerations.
Scalability – You can change your usage plan to suit your company’s changing needs.
Compatibility – Your staff can log in and work on the same files, without having to worry about compatibility between computer systems and software versions. This saves both time and money. There are no more concerns about version control.

Using SaaS recruitment software is how you can optimize your talent acquisition.

StaffGlass: Next-Generation Cloud-Based SaaS Recruitment Software

In the crowded field of SaaS-based recruitment software, StaffGlass takes talent acquisition to the next level. While many of our competitors may offer an applicant tracking system (ATS) and basic onboarding, our integrated recruitment platform provides remote identity verification, seamless drug and alcohol testing, background checks, occupational health assessment and e-sign document management.

StaffGlass is fully integrated, tying back to a single candidate/employee record. This best-in-class recruitment and onboarding platform gives you insight that can help you in your hiring decision. It makes the entire recruiting process run more smoothly, which helps you to save time and provide a smoother transition for new employees.

What StaffGlass Provides:

Identity Verification

Candidates can upload their driver’s license or any other government-issued ID remotely. The information is scanned and securely stored on the platform, in a centralized candidate record. If the candidate is hired, this becomes their employee record. This makes it easier for your company to verify, hire and onboard remote workers, and it prohibits any unverified changes to the person’s data. During this process, you can interact securely and easily with the candidate through the platform.

Background Screenings

We offer more than just a single criminal background check for your candidate screening. After the job seeker scans and uploads their identification, you select from various background screening databases, reference checks and court records. You can also conduct license verification, check motor vehicle reports, verify past employment and more. All this takes minutes, and results can be viewed on our secure dashboard.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Think of how time-consuming it is to register an applicant for a pre-employment drug and alcohol test, find a suitable lab, schedule them at a convenient time, get status notifications and view the results. All of this is securely handled through the StaffGlass dashboard and applicant records, backed by our more than 14,000 nationwide licensed clinics. For your employees, you can also schedule periodic drug and alcohol tests, random testing or individualized tests, when needed. We also offer specialized DOT drug testing.

Occupational Health Assessments

Whether you need to conduct a pre-employment occupational health screening or a recurring exam, you can do this easily from within the StaffGlass platform, while respecting the privacy of your candidates and employees. Choose from employment physicals (including DOT physicals), respiratory health exams, tuberculosis testing, vision and hearing exams, antibody testing, blood tests and more. You can also schedule employees for any vaccines and immunizations that your workplace requires. Tests are conducted by our network of clinics, and results can be viewed on our secure platform.

Secure E-Sign Document Management

Organizing all the documents that applicants and employees must sign during the recruitment and then onboarding process can be complicated. StaffGlass integrates e-sign documents and stores them securely within applicant and employee records. Having this centralized location to manage important company documents helps your organization minimize liability and avoid duplication when requesting signatures. You can also pre-fill document fields with verified employee information, so that there are no discrepancies.

StaffGlass is a sophisticated cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS), but it’s so much more. It helps you to automate the talent acquisition process by combining the separate tasks of identity verification and ATS with pre-employment testing and background checks into a coherent system, which will save time and help hiring managers to find quality team members.

How StaffGlass Will Save You Time and Money

The StaffGlass platform is an integrated collection of recruiting software that streamlines the hiring process for candidates and helps you to onboard new employees quickly, which saves you time and lets new staff members hit the ground running. With our cloud-based subscription service, you pay for only what you need, with the ability to scale as your business grows. This means no more upfront expenditures on systems and software. Having accurate data about your candidates during recruiting, you’ll be able to quickly build an exceptional team. And with our licensed testing facilities and secure recruiting SaaS platform, the privacy of your candidates is guaranteedprotected with advanced encryption technology, leading to higher candidate satisfaction during talent acquisition and greater employee retention.

Learn more about how StaffGlass works, and how this integrated recruiting and onboarding platform protects your data and your business. Get started now!