Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Is your company hiring new employees within the next several months? If you're a small business owner, you likely do not have a human resources department, and might even be handling recruitment and onboarding yourself. Having robust recruitment software for small businesses — and, in fact, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) — is extremely important. There is a lot involved in the entire recruiting process, from confirming employment eligibility and doing a thorough background check, to drug testing and completing tax forms.

You can "piece together" a solution from a hodgepodge of software applications and web sites. But wouldn't you rather use dedicated recruiting software for small business that can do it all?

StaffGlass is a fully-integrated employee screening and onboarding platform that will streamline the entire process for more effective recruiting. You'll make better hiring decisions and get new team members up-to-speed quickly. Learn more about the powerful StaffGlass integrated platform and how it compares to traditional onboarding.

What’s Involved in Recruiting and Onboarding a New Employee?

Interviewing, vetting and bringing on a new employee is a multistep process. It’s important to handle everything properly to ensure that you fill positions in your organization with the most qualified candidates, and that you fill out the necessary paperwork to comply with local and federal regulations. Your company may also have additional documents that every employee must review and sign. Although recruiting and hiring a new staff member is vital, it can be a cumbersome, time-consuming process that takes you away from other essential duties. This is especially true for startups and smaller companies.

The recruitment process includes:

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form – ensures that a candidate can legally work in the U.S. It must be filled out and signed by the candidate.
Background Screenings – investigates whether the job seeker has a criminal background, verifies their employment history and checks their references.
Drug and Alcohol Testing – tests the candidate for recent drug or alcohol use. This involves obtaining a testing consent form from the individual.
Occupational Health Assessment – this can include a physical examination, antibody tests and required vaccinations (depending upon the company and position).

Required forms for new employees may include:

W-4 – Employee Withholding Certificate, required by the IRS
State W-4 – State Withholding Form (not for all states)
W-9 – for independent contractors
Emergency Contact Form
Direct Deposit Form
Benefit Forms (health, life and disability insurance; retirement plans; tuition reimbursement, etc.)
Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and/or Non-Compete Agreement
Inventory of Employee Equipment
Confidentiality and Security Agreements

Completing these steps and getting these documents signed quickly creates a smoother transition for new employees and keeps your business productive and protected.

Recruitment Software: How Onboarding Was Handled in the Past

Many companies might still be using multiple applications and websites for their recruitment software and for applicant tracking and onboarding. This may take the form of a website that can confirm a person’s identity and another that does online background checks, a drug screening lab that may or may not allow online scheduling and an employee health monitoring app. A filesharing site would be needed for company document storage with e-sign capability. The person organizing this, for a candidate during the hiring process and then a new employee, will need a tracking application to keep it all straight. Each website and piece of software will have its own procedures and methods, and they won’t be integrated with each other.

How Can Recruiting Software Save Time and Money?

Recruiting software for small business or larger organizations saves time and money by centralizing recruitment tasks, reducing scheduling time and streamlining the onboarding process. Smarter hiring decisions leads to better employees and greater retention. StaffGlass is a robust onboarding platform that combines ID verification, drug testing, background screenings, occupational health assessments and e-sign document management.

How StaffGlass Streamlines Hiring and Onboarding with Comprehensive Recruiting Software

Instead of relying on disparate components, StaffGlass is all-inclusive recruitment software for small businesses that helps you make smart hiring decision and keep your team healthy and productive, while eliminating human error and improving efficiency. It centers around a single employee record that is highly accurate, as it starts from a scanned government-issued ID. Our robust cloud-based applicant tracking and onboarding for new employees is best-in-class.

StaffGlass is advanced cloud recruitment software with an intuitive platform.

StaffGlass provides to you, the business owner or manager, the following integrated services:

Remote Identity Verification

The employee record is created from a scanned driver’s license or other government issued ID, quickly and accurately. Remote workers can be hired with confidence, and this process prohibits any changes to employee information. You can interact securely with candidates and employees directly on the platform.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

From the StaffGlass platform, you can register a candidate for pre-employment drug testing and choose from many urine drug testing and hair drug testing options. The individual can find a drug testing clinic that’s nearest to their location – we have more than 14,000 clinics across the U.S. You receive ongoing status notifications and can securely view the test results directly from the employee’s record.

Background Screenings

Choose from various criminal background screening databases, courthouse records and reference checks for a comprehensive report. We also offer other screenings such as license verification, motor vehicle reports and employment history verification. In minutes, you can view the results on the StaffGlass secure dashboard.

Occupational Health Assessment

Directly from our platform, you can schedule either a pre-employment screening for job applicant or recurring exams for your staff members. Select from physical exams, antibody tests and vaccinations, based upon your testing needs. Candidates can be registered for walk-in exams at one of our convenient clinics. Health screen results are retained in a centralized location and are easy to track.

Document and E-Sign Management

You can conveniently store your company’s important forms, waivers and other signed documents on the same StaffGlass platform that holds applicant data and employee records. Documents can be pre-filled with verified employee data, eliminating errors and discrepancies, and you can then request the employee to e-sign those documents, directly from the platform.

Do I Need StaffGlass if I Use an Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software that keeps track of job applicants, from the time they apply for a job to when they are interviewed and either sent a rejection letter or hired. Some applicant tracking systems also include rudimentary background checks and certain onboarding tools, such as the ability to upload forms.

But no onboarding software app or ATS can do what StaffGlass elegantly achieves—a seamless solution for remote automated identity verification, secure and easy interaction with candidates, safe and accurate drug testing, comprehensive background screenings and occupational health assessments, and a centralized platform for document and e-sign management. Think of it as ATS software on steroids! StaffGlass is what today’s businesses need to navigate smoothly with new and returning employees during these uncertain times.

StaffGlass Recruiting Software Advantages

Why is StaffGlass the best recruiting software for small business? One main reason is that it allows one person to manage several processes at once, on an easy-to-use platform. Other benefits:

Simplifies the hiring process and streamlines workflows
Budget-friendly talent acquisition and onboarding solution
Lets you track applicants efficiently
Allows for direct scanning of ID to create central candidate or employee record
Eliminates manual data entry errors and duplication
Provides remote identity verification and comprehensive background checks, so you can hire the best candidates
Offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol tests, health exams and immunizations
Lets individuals select convenient test sites and times for tests and health assessments
Allows employees to securely e-sign essential documents
Ability to track entire process, from candidate to employee onboarding

Learn how StaffGlass protects your company data and your business, view our available plans and sign up for StaffGlass today!