Cloud Based Recruitment Software

Is your organization finding it a challenge to recruit new candidates? Startups and other small businesses have a particular challenge in vetting potential candidates and hiring top talent to build their team. This is one of your most important tasks, yet you might not have the necessary staff that can focus on the recruiting process. Fortunately, recruiting software can free up your time while helping to streamline recruiting and onboarding.

StaffGlass is cloud based recruitment software that is perfectly designed for your small business, in terms of set-up, capabilities and pricing structure. It combines remote ID verification, background checks, drug testing, occupational health screenings and e-sign document management into a single platform.

Learn about the benefits of cloud based recruitment software, how it reduces the time-to-hire for your small business, and why StaffGlass is the best cloud recruitment software on the market. StaffGlass provides robust hiring solutions for small businesses.

StaffGlass: The Ultimate Cloud Recruitment Platform

The benefits to using cloud based recruitment platforms are clear. But only StaffGlass is a fully integrated platform that combines a robust applicant tracking system with remote identity verification, background checks, drug testing, occupational health screening and E-sign document management. This cloud based recruiting software and onboarding platform centers around a single employee record and lets you move from recruiting to new hire to onboarding easily and seamlessly.

The secure SaaS based recruiting platform includes the following:

Remote Identity Verification

You can begin a candidate’s or employee’s record by having the person scan in their state-issued ID remotely. The information is automatically entered into the platform, preventing errors and prohibiting any changes to the data. This makes it easy to hire remote staff. You can also communicate with the candidate or employee through the platform.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Unlike other cloud recruitment software, StaffGlass includes fully integrated drug and alcohol testing scheduling and management. You can choose pre-employment drug testing or periodic drug tests for employees, with many different options available. The individual can select a walk-in drug testing center that’s convenient to their location. We have more than 14,000 partner clinics that provide secure, accurate and fast drug testing anywhere in the U.S. As the employer, you get status notifications at each step. You can then securely view the results in the person’s record.

Background Screenings

Some cloud recruiting software might include a single background check database, but we offer a full range. With our cloud based recruiting platform and onboarding tool, you can choose from courthouse repositories, criminal background screening databases and various reference checks. We also offer license verification, motor vehicle reports and employment history verification, among other screenings. The person’s information is taken directly from their scanned ID and you can view the results almost immediately through the secure dashboard.

Occupational Health Assessments

Many businesses may require occupational health screenings prior to employment. In this uncertain time of COVID-19, your company may wish to require an antibody test for all employees returning to work after being remote. You can schedule a pre-employment screening or recurring exam for various types of physicals, antibody tests and vaccinations. Candidates and employees are registered for convenient walk-in exams at their location of choice. You can track, view and retain all your employees’ health screening results directly on the StaffGlass platform. Keep your workers, customers and others safe while reducing your company’s liability.

Document and E-Sign Management

Does your company require multiple documents during the recruitment, hiring and onboarding process? StaffGlass provides a comprehensive solution. E-sign document management and storage is integrated into the platform, so that you can maintain signed consent forms, employment agreements, NDAs, waivers and other documents in a centralized location, easily accessible from the employee’s record. This helps you avoid data errors and duplication while minimizing your liability.

Learn more about the advanced data security of this next-generation cloud recruitment software and how StaffGlass helps companies to make smarter hiring decisions and onboard exceptional talent more quickly and efficiently. Automate your talent acquisition for greater success.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Based Recruitment Systems?

If your company is thinking of switching to a cloud recruitment software solution like StaffGlass, there are many advantages, from ease of use and flexibility to centralized information and secure off-site storage of sensitive company data.

Benefits of cloud based systems include:

No software to install; entirely web based
Easy-to-use application that’s accessible from all devices and different operating systems, including mobile devices
Centralized records; less data entry and reduced chance of duplication and errors
Staff members can access information in real-time, from any location
Does not require a dedicated HR person; any staff member can check the status of candidates
Flexible subscription options; can ramp up or scale down as needed; cost-effective
Less expensive than purchasing servers and software
No maintenance or updates required; everything is handled by the vendor
Storage of sensitive company data is off-site and secure
Eliminates concern of recruitment processes leaving with employees

With a software-as-a-service (SaaS) recruiting and onboarding solution, you only pay for what your company needs and when you need it, which is ideal for small businesses.

What is Recruiting Software?

Recruiting tools, such as applicant tracking software (ATS), help to simplify the hiring process. Recruitment software can include tools for candidate sourcing, applicant screening, background checks, interview scheduling, drug testing, health screening and onboarding.

Many companies currently use a patchwork of software and platforms for the recruitment and onboarding services they need. If your business requires background checks, drug tests and occupational health screenings, you may be managing your communication, scheduling and tracking in different places, making the entire process complex and inefficient. Not so with StaffGlass cloud recruitment software.

Our integrated recruiting and onboarding software lets you vet candidates faster and get new hires quickly up to speed so that they can be productive members of your team.

Standalone vs. Cloud Based Recruitment Software

Standalone software is installed locally on your local computer. This can be a spreadsheet program, word processing application or scheduler. It is highly likely that these programs don’t communicate with each other, which requires that you manually bring information from one into another. Each of these software applications require training for new users, taking you and your staff members away from other important business.

With StaffGlass cloud based recruitment software, everything is online and easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device, wherever you are. In addition to being instantly accessible, centrally-located candidate information greatly minimizes the need for data entry and reduces the chance of inconsistencies and errors.