StaffGlass is a workforce automation platform built with an architecture intended to be developer-friendly. StaffGlass APIs are fast, secure, and complete. Even better, you can extend the functionality. Your imagination and business needs are the only limitations.


A note from the StaffGlass Development Team:

We know from experience that one application front end does not fit everyones needs the same way; therefore, we have have constructed StaffGlass from the ground up to be as flexible and developer friendly as we can. Every nut and bolt has been constructed with custom integration in mind, and we proudly support our parters in tech.

What makes the StaffGlass API great?

We created StaffGlass as an API-driven SAAS platform with a few key guiding principles:

Fast – our RESTFUL API is built upon the concept of serverless microservices, which run on the latest cloud technology
Secure – the same bulletproof security our users enjoy when using our StaffGlass web application is available via our API.
Complete – We pride ourselves on our API completeness.

Any function or feature of StaffGlass may be accessed via our secure API endpoints. You can even write your own front end for StaffGlass if you would like to

Our API documentation is a work in progress and will be updated as we grow. If you need to work with a feature or endpoint which is not yet documented, please contact us.

The future is bright for developers working on StaffGlass modules!

StaffGlass is a platform built by businesses for businesses and their job applicants and employees, but of course we have not anticipated every user need (at least not yet!). We are happy to welcome outside developers to bring their own custom actions, workflows, and integrations right into our platform with pluggable modules.

Please contact us if you are interested in developing via the StaffGlass Partner Network.