Recruiting and Hiring Software

Do you spend a lot of time with the hiring and recruiting process, in your efforts to hire great talent? You might be juggling different recruiting software and websites to track applicants, verify identity, conduct background screening, schedule drug tests and get all the necessary forms signed by your new employee. We have a better solution! StaffGlass is an integrated platform that combines an applicant tracking system with other recruiting software, managed through a single centralized candidate or employee record with a user-friendly dashboard.

With StaffGlass talent acquisition software, your applicant can remotely scan and upload data from their government-issued ID securely and quickly. From this applicant record, you can order a wide range of background screenings, schedule the person for a drug and alcohol test, and have them e-sign required forms upon hire. You can also schedule one or many employees for occupational health screenings and regular drug testing, to ensure a safe workplace and reduce liability issues.

How Can Hiring Software Assist HR in Recruiting?

With powerful recruiting software, you can conduct ID verification and various kinds of background checks to improve your recruitment process so that you get the most qualified candidates. The StaffGlass recruiting solution includes ID verification, an ATS, built-in drug testing, occupational health assessments and e-sign document management to streamline your entire hiring process.

How StaffGlass Revolutionizes Applicant Tracking and Employee Onboarding

Many companies, especially small businesses, use multiple software applications and various websites to communicate with job candidates, verify their identity, do background checks, schedule drug tests, obtain required signed documentation and track the recruitment process. However, best practices dictate that you move to a centralized system for greater efficiency, to eliminate data errors and duplication, hire faster and improve your hiring success.

StaffGlass is the future of recruiting software. We don’t just feature an system, a background check against a single database and document storage for important company forms. We offer to our clients, through a convenient monthly subscription, complete access to our talent acquisition suite of services. Choose from a wide array of background screenings, including courthouse repositories and criminal databases, reference checks, employment history verification and motor vehicle reports. Register candidates for safe, secure and highly accurate drug and alcohol tests, and let them choose from more than 14,000 nationwide clinics. We offer pre-employment testing, random testing, return to duty tests and more. You’ll get step-by-step status notifications and can then view the results in the candidate or employee record.

StaffGlass lets you streamline your hiring process, so that you can reduce the time to hire and onboard new employees quickly for greater productivity.

The StaffGlass Recruitment and Onboarding Process

No other recruiting software lets you optimize your hiring plan and seamlessly move from an ATS to an onboarding tool. Applicant tracking systems take you through the hiring process, but StaffGlass goes far beyond that, letting you use the applicant record as your official employee record, where you can order ongoing drug testing, occupational health screenings and vaccinations, and manage employee forms and agreements.

Here’s how it works:

The candidate remotely scans in and uploads their driver’s license or another government-issued ID, directly from their smartphone.
The individual’s data is automatically extracted, eliminating the chance of manual data entry errors.
Order from a wide variety of background checks, drug and alcohol tests and pre-employment occupational health assessments (such as a COVID-19 antibody test to check for immunity).
Results appear in the candidate’s record, and you can securely and remotely follow their progress through your company’s screening and pre-hire processes.
Once the person is hired, you can move seamlessly to your process, obtaining new-hire paperwork. The platform includes secure e-sign document management.
The applicant record is now their employee record, from which you can order and manage periodic drug testing and health screenings as required by your organization.

All data is protected with best-in-class encryption technology, and your subscription includes continuous backups, role-based access for different employee levels and routine disaster recovery procedures.

Key Benefits of the StaffGlass Integrated Platform

There are many reasons to use StaffGlass for your recruitment management and onboarding. Some of the benefits include:

Significant Cost Savings – With our cloud-based platform, there is no software to buy, and your business can choose the subscription level that best meets your needs and your budget.
Smarter Hiring Decisions – With identity verification and your choice of background checks and drug and health screenings, you get greater insight for more informed hiring decisions.
Recruit and Hire with Greater Efficiency – Communicate with job candidates, verify their identity, run background checks, schedule and review drug tests and manage signed documents from within a single platform. This greatly simplifies recruitment management.
Easily Onboard New Employees – Once hired, the applicant’s record becomes an employee record, and any regular testing and company documents are centrally managed.

Our comprehensive selection of drug and alcohol tests, background screenings and occupational health assessments lets you create a customizable hiring plan for different positions. Greater intelligence on candidates helps you to make better hiring decisions.

Register for StaffGlass today — for smarter hires.