Staffing Agency Software Solutions

If you're a recruiter at a staffing agency, you'll know that these days, using the latest technology and having the best staffing software for candidate sourcing, background checks and applicant tracking will help you to find the best candidates for your clients. In fact, a 2018 Staffing Buyer Study found that for more than two-thirds of hiring managers, it was important for their staffing agency to be using the latest technology for their recruiting services. Nearly three-quarters (74%) believe that companies using technology for their staffing distinguishes them from other firms. StaffGlass staffing software solutions are unique in bridging the divide between ID verification and pre-employment screening with onboarding of new employees and ongoing testing and documentation.

There are many steps to finding qualified candidates and onboarding new hires. Industry trends are moving towards fully integrated systems that can streamline your recruiting efforts and reduce the time to hire, while focusing on quality relationship management. StaffGlass rises above other staffing software solutions, as it offers a fully-integrated, comprehensive, and candidate-friendly approach to both recruitment and onboarding. This easy-to-use platform features remote ID verification, background checks, drug testing, occupational health screenings, and e-sign document management, with a seamless recruitment-to-onboarding transition.

What is Staffing Software?

There is a wide array of software for staffing agencies that help you source qualified talent and manage applications, with applicant tracking throughout the staffing process. Some include basic pre-employment screening, but today’s staffing companies must provide employment verification, drug testing, and occupational health screening services for their clients. Only a platform like StaffGlass covers all these bases.

How StaffGlass Works

The StaffGlass recruiting software platform combines ID verification and background checks to drug testing, occupational health assessment and e-sign document management. The process is as follows:

Remote Identity Verification – A candidate can remotely upload their driver’s license remotely, from their cell phone. The information is securely scanned into the system. You can easily communicate with the candidate through the platform.
Background Screening – Choose from criminal background screening databases, reference checks and courthouse repositories. You can also add license verification, motor vehicle reports, employment history verification and other options. See results on the dashboard.
Drug and Alcohol Testing – Register candidates for various kinds of pre-employment drug tests. They can then choose the most convenient time and location for their tests. You’ll get status notifications and can view results directly from the candidate’s record.
Occupational Health Assessments – Register candidates for pre-employment screenings, choosing from physicals, antibody tests (including COVID-19) and vaccinations.
Manage E-Signed Paperwork – Integrated e-sign document management lets you obtain and store tax documents, consent forms and other important information centrally, for easy retrieval.
Seamless Candidate to Employee Transition – When hired, the applicant record becomes an employee record, where the employer can then track recurring drug tests, health screenings and important signed documents like employment agreements and NDAs, with state-of-the-art security and data protection.

Why Should You Use Staffing Software?

To stay on top of the staffing industry, you need to fill open positions quickly, find the best candidates and automate whatever you can so you can spend more time on person-to-person relationship management. Robust recruitment software will help you:

Save time (and money) by automating manual activities.
Eliminate data errors and duplication with a central applicant record.
Make it easy to share the most up-to-date data with your team, accessible from anywhere. Real-time reporting will boost your team’s efficiency.
Provide thoroughly vetted candidates to your clients so they don’t waste valuable time interviewing undesirable applicants.
Improve the recruitment process for both candidates and clients with an easy-to-use interface and ability to track status and communicate on the platform.

Of utmost importance for your staffing agency’s reputation is to create the most skilled talent pool for your clients. How do you do this? With comprehensive candidate screening. While you may be hiring for a temporary position, whether that position becomes long-term depends on how qualified the person is for that role and how rigorously they have been vetted.

The StaffGlass integrated platform includes remote ID verification from a mobile device with a wide choice of background screenings, including employment verification, criminal background screening databases, courthouse repositories, reference checks and more. All results can be viewed through the secure StaffGlass dashboard, directly from the candidate’s record.

The Important Transition from Recruitment and Onboarding

By combining ID verification, background checks, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health screenings, and e-sign document management, StaffGlass lets you keep track of both recruitment and onboarding in one place. When an applicant is hired, their candidate record becomes their employee record. Employers can continue to order drug tests, manage required paperwork, and schedule any necessary health screenings.Having this transition be as seamless as possible improves the candidate and employee experience. They choose the location and time for their drug tests and health screenings from more than 14,000 licensed clinics nationwide. Testing status can be tracked on the platform, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the need for back and forth emails.

Old School vs. Next-Generation Recruiting Software

Previously, recruitment agencies would use a myriad of software programs and platforms to handle various aspects of the hiring process. Your company might still be using this method. In addition to using an email program, staffing agency software might include ATS software, a background check website, and a separate vendor for pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. You may have to keep track of scheduling and testing status separately, using the vendor’s website or your own scheduling software.For company documents that need to be signed by the applicant prior to interviewing, drug testing, or hiring, there might be an e-sign and document management platform. That’s a lot to keep track of, with many opportunities for data errors or duplication.StaffGlass recruiting software is a cloud-based platform that’s fully integrated, with a centralized applicant record and a built-in applicant tracking system (ATS) and screening services. It is backed by our nationwide network of licensed drug testing and occupational health screening clinics, greatly simplifying the recruiting and onboarding experience.

Do Staffing Agencies Use Software?

It is essential for today’s staffing agencies to make use of the most advanced recruiting software and online platforms. Using tools such as an ATS (applicant tracking system), communication platform, ID verification software and background checking program streamlines your recruiting process.StaffGlass has all these tools built-in, in addition to drug and alcohol testing, occupational health screenings and e-sign document management, making your recruitment process easier and more effective.

StaffGlass Premiere Staffing Software

Move on from incomplete staffing software solutions. Our cloud-based applicant tracking, screening and onboarding platform will help you streamline your recruiting by improving candidate management and minimizing the work. StaffGlass software for staffing agencies helps you find top talent for your clients and gives them a paperless onboarding system that will help them streamline their own operations.