One platform, exponential efficiency.

Our integrated platform gives you the ability to leave behind manual data entry, tedious schedule coordination, and less-than-secure employee data storage — no matter your screening needs or company size.

Traditional Onboarding


Multiple websites needed with different accounts on each platform


Candidate status must be kept up to date manually due to lack of integration


Scheduling conflicts must be resolved before drug tests can be administered


Less thorough background checks due to online only scans of criminal records

StaffGlass Integrated Platform


Avoid manual data entry with secure, accurate ID scanning


Select from our thorough background screening options


Allow candidates to select their own test time and site through the platform


Allow candidates to securely e-sign onboarding contracts and screening consent forms

Remote Identity Verification

Drug Testing

Background Check

Occupational Health Screening

E-Sign Document Management


One Employee Record


Better Candidates


Streamlined Efficiency


Faster Onboarding

Better For Your Company. Better For You.

Remote Identity Verification

Initiate Employee records with secure, accurate, fast ID scanning

Candidates upload driver license remotely

Hire "work from home" staff with confidence

Prohibit unverified changes to employee data

Interact on-platform with candidates and employees with security and ease

Drug + Alcohol Testing

Register for Pre-Employment Drug Testing with Ease

Choose from dozens of urine drug testing and hair drug test options

Find a walk-in drug testing location from over 14,000 clinics - anywhere in the USA

Get status notifications every step of the way

Securely view results right in the single employee record

Background Screenings

Eliminate data entry error and mistaken identities by requiring applicants to scan and upload their ID

Select from our thorough criminal background screening databases, courthouse repositories, and reference checks

Add Motor Vehicle Reports, License Verification, Employment History Verification, and more, as desired

View database results on our secure dashboard in minutes!

Occupational Health Assessment

Schedule a pre-employment screening or recurring exam

Click to select your testing needs, including physicals, antibody tests, and vaccinations

Register candidates for walk-in exams at our national network of clinics

Effortlessly retain and track health screening results right on our platform

Document and E-Sign Management

Avoid endless email coordination by integrating e-sign documents in one onboarding platform

Store consent forms, waivers, and signed documents in the same centralized platform where you keep applicant and employee records

Minimize liability and avoid duplicate data entry when generating e-sign document requests

Choose to pre-fill selected document fields from verified employee data to eliminate discrepancies

Take No Chances. Waste No Time.