Truck Driver Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking software is used by many industries to keep track of their job candidates throughout the recruitment process. If you're a human resources professional who is responsible for hiring truck drivers, or if you manage a transportation company, you'll already know that managing the hiring and onboarding process can be a challenge due to the volume of applications.

Many trucking companies use various software applications and platforms to source candidates, verify information, perform background screenings, do pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, order health assessments, get signed forms, and communicate with job seekers. All of these steps are important, but juggling these different tasks in separate apps can be extremely time-consuming, raising the hiring cost and slowing down the recruitment process.

Fortunately, there's a better way — StaffGlass. Our comprehensive truck driver recruiting software brings the many essential steps of hiring the best drivers into a single, secure platform—while keeping your company compliant with DOT regulations.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) FAQs for Trucking

Do you have a question about the importance of applicant tracking in truck driver recruiting? Truck driving and transportation companies have different requirements than other industries, such as maintaining compliance with local and federal regulations, and ensuring that drivers are highly experienced, healthy, and drug-free when operating a commercial vehicle.

These tests and assessments are challenging to keep track of for one job seeker, let alone driver applications from many candidates. It is important that your recruiting software can help you keep track of where everyone is in the process.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about an ATS for trucking companies.

How Do I Track an Applicant?

The best way is with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Some can search and filter resumes, but companies with commercial drivers need background checks, drug and health screenings, and signed documents from their drivers for DOT compliance. Only StaffGlass accomplishes this in one platform.

What is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An ATS helps businesses to organize job seekers and applications during recruitment by collecting information and filtering job seekers based on skills and experience. Some may include basic background checks, but they don’t include the wide range of screenings that StaffGlass does, including driver background screenings. Our cloud-based platform integrates ID verification, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health assessments, and e-sign documents, in addition to tracking and status notifications, for a complete recruiting and onboarding solution for compliance management.

What Software Should I Use for My Applicants?

When comparing applicant tracking systems and other recruiting software, consider what you need for your company and drivers. StaffGlass supports trucking companies with a streamlined solution for employment verifications and the assessments you need for safety compliance.

The Benefits of Using StaffGlass for Truck Driver Applicant Tracking

When it comes to driver recruiting and compliance, StaffGlass offers many advantages over ATS applications and other driver recruiting software. Starting with a single candidate record from an uploaded government-issued ID, our platform lets you:

Verify identity — the job seeker’s information is automatically scanned in from their driver’s license through their phone, securely and without any chance of data entry error.
Order employment verifications and other background screenings — Our driver background screening includes drug and alcohol test violation history and motor vehicle record searches. Criminal background searches, work history, reference checks, and other services are also available.
Share data and collaborate during recruitment — Work with others in your company during the hiring process and update records in real time for greater efficiency. Everyone sees the same up-to-date information.
Communicate with candidates through the secure platform — This eliminates multiple emails from different people on your hiring team, which may reside in separate email accounts.
Schedule pre-employment drug and alcohol tests — We offer dozens of urine drug testing and hair drug testing options, including DOT-compliant drug tests, breath alcohol tests, and other specialty tests for transportation professionals. The candidate can choose their testing location from our network of 14,000 labs nationwide.
Request health assessments for job candidates — Choose from physicals, antibody testing, biometric screenings, respiratory health screenings, tuberculosis tests, vision and hearing exams, vaccines, and immunizations. The physical for drivers includes (in addition to standard tests) blood work, vision and hearing exams, and urinalysis.
Hire and onboard new drivers — You can hire someone directly from the portal, and their information becomes their permanent employee record. This lets you order and schedule ongoing drug tests and health assessments.
Upload company documents for e-signatures — Obtain signed documents and manage them in the secure StaffGlass portal. These forms may include consent forms and waivers, their employment application, road test certificate, employment agreement, and tax forms.
Track their status through the hiring process — You receive notifications every step of the way.
Minimize company liability — All documents, drug tests, and records of health exams are available from the individual’s single record.
Contact us today to get started. We’ll help guide you through the requirements for trucking and transportation companies and show you how StaffGlass can help you to streamline your recruiting pipeline and hire quality drivers.