Sales Talent Strategy and Assessment Tools

As a hiring manager or HR professional, you have a challenging task for your sales department — to hire top sales talent for your organization while saving time and money. Salespeople work directly with your customers, before and after the sale, so it's important to find qualified candidates to fill those positions. There are many kinds of sales assessment tests out there, which are used both for recruiting sales candidates and for coaching your salespeople. Some focus on sales professionals' strengths, non-strengths, and situational talents (that are present in certain situations). A sales talent assessment might also look at a candidate's potential to perform required tasks as well as their general disposition.

While your hiring managers may use these types of sales hiring assessments, you might not have a solution for other types of pre-employment testing that you must perform to find the best sales personnel to add to your team. StaffGlass can help! Our integrated recruiting and onboarding platform brings together remote ID verification, drug and alcohol testing, background checks, occupational health screenings, and e-sign document management.

What Are Assessment Tools?

In sales, talent assessment tools are techniques used to evaluate applicants and hire the best salespeople. These are tools that measure a person’s skills and capabilities. Objective tests let you compare candidates to determine their ability to sell your products and services.

What is a Sales Talent Assessment Test?

A sales assessment test, which usually includes multiple choice questions, is invaluable during the hiring process. It gives recruiters an idea of an applicant’s demeanor and professional skills. There are three categories to look at when comparing candidates: sales skills, technical ability, and personality profile.

The Different Types of Sales Assessment Tests

Sales candidate assessment tools include personality and behavioral tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness), StrengthsFinder, and 16PF (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire). There are sales assessments that test for character traits such as the degree of optimism, competitiveness, drive, and the need for achievement. Sales aptitude tests measure everything from organizing and planning to negotiation savvy and persistence. There are also cognitive aptitude assessments that test English language fluency, basic math ability, analytical skills, and reasoning.

Your Sales Talent Strategy

As you know, talent acquisition isn’t just advertising a position and filling it. To succeed, your company must have a strategy for finding and retaining sales talent. To find high performing salespeople, you should:

Clearly outline your sales goals, with clear expectations and performance metrics.
Determine the capacity and competencies of your sales team and where gaps might exist.
Create success profiles (rather than simple job descriptions) for open positions.
Determine the ideal “DNA” for each available sales role.
Build a talent management workflow that is sales-centered.
Ensure that you have the best tools to find the highest quality candidates in the shortest time.
Perform a sales assessment evaluation for each candidate.
Plan for effective onboarding of new hires which includes streamlined processes, ongoing training, career development, and coaching by sales managers.
In addition to conducting a sales assessment, choosing the right tools for recruiting and onboarding is essential in finding and keeping the best people.

How StaffGlass Helps You Find and Retain Top Sales Talent

There’s just so much that a resume can tell you. And not everyone is completely upfront in a job interview. That’s why background checks, drug screenings and other assessments are essential when hiring salespeople. StaffGlass does it all, from remote ID verification and background screenings to drug and alcohol tests, occupational health assessments and e-sign document management.

Here’s how it works:

Applicants upload their government-issued ID — This is done remotely from a smartphone. The data is automatically entered into the system, eliminating data entry errors and simplifying the recruiting process.
Order pre-employment drug and alcohol testing — Order from a wide selection of drug and alcohol tests that include prescription drugs and street drugs. The testing is performed by licensed labs across the U.S. Candidates choose a desired testing location from more than 14,000 clinics nationwide. We provide status notifications every step of the way. Results are securely delivered to you, and everything occurs within the mobile-friendly StaffGlass platform.
Run comprehensive background checks — Choose from criminal background databases, courthouse repositories, reference checks, education and employment verification, motor vehicle reports and more. You order and view results within the easy-to-use dashboard and from the person’s central record.
Schedule pre-employment health screenings — In addition to physical exams, we offer vision hearing tests, biometric screenings, blood tests, antibody testing, respiratory health exams, vaccines and immunizations.
Document and e-sign management — Once someone is hired, there are many forms that must be provided to the new hire. Some of them need to be signed. StaffGlass includes built-in e-sign document management, which helps you avoid endless emails and keep important documents in one place. You can use it for employment agreements, tax forms, testing consent forms, waivers and non-compete agreements.

Providing a smooth onboarding process helps you keep your top performers. The StaffGlass cloud-based platform uses advanced encryption and data management to keep applicant and employee data secure and protected. Learn how we can help your sales organization make better hiring decisions and achieve business success. Get started with StaffGlass today!