Public Sector Applicant Tracking Systems

Are you a hiring manager for a local, state, or federal agency? You probably receive a large volume of job applicants for open positions at your organization. Do you have a fast and easy way to organize and track candidates through your recruitment and onboarding process?

Applicant tracking software can help streamline your recruitment and reduce time-to-hire. StaffGlass is a cloud-based, integrated platform that combines remote ID verification, robust background checks and drug testing, occupational health assessments, e-sign document management, and ATS software that tracks candidates as they move through your recruiting process, providing status notifications every step of the way.

Recruiting Challenges of Public Sector Employers

Government and public sector agencies have many challenges when trying to find and hire highly qualified candidates. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), hiring challenges for public sector employers include reducing paperwork, speeding up the recruiting and onboarding process, keeping up with technological advances, and attracting millennials to their opportunities. These are interrelated issues. Of the 22.6 million U.S. public sector employees, only 27 percent of those are millennials. One reason is the lengthy time-to-hire for many government agencies.

A wide variety of organizations use an applicant tracking system, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In the public sector, adoption of this technology is slower. Many government agencies, especially local offices, still manually collect and review job applications. This is inefficient and slows down the recruiting process.

How Can My Company Benefit From an ATS?

An applicant tracking system will help your business keep resumes better organized in one place, while ensuring that you stay EEOC compliant. But there are other recruiting tasks that you must perform. Only StaffGlass provides an integrated solution for many of them.

Why Government Agencies Need the Best Applicant Tracking Software

There are various reasons why your agency needs an applicant tracking system—and they all have to do with saving time, saving money, and hiring the best people. StaffGlass goes beyond ATS software, as it automates and centralizes various processes into one place.

Benefits include:

Allows you to hire more efficiently with less staff. As with the private sector, government offices may be operating with fewer people. These individuals may be working remotely in different locations. A web-based ATS lets your hiring team access the latest information from anywhere and update it in real time. This is extremely helpful for agencies where multiple people must be involved in the recruiting process.
Lets you work within a smaller budget. Many of these systems are subscription-based, which means you don’t have to invest in hardware and software and can pay for only what you need. It also requires minimal training, so your staff can start using it right away.
Organizes candidates and helps you keep track of where they are in the recruitment process. With multiple positions open, it may be difficult to coordinate background checks and schedule candidates for drug testing and health assessments. StaffGlass lets you order tests, schedule them, and view test results securely from an easy-to-use dashboard.
Provides an easy recruiting and onboarding experience for candidates. An ATS is typically mobile friendly, which is a big plus for younger job seekers who are accustomed to applying to jobs through their smartphone. With our applicant tracking and recruiting software, you can do a lot more. After a drug screening or health assessment is ordered, candidates can view their application status and choose a convenient testing site from more than 14,000 labs nationwide.

With StaffGlass, if the job seeker is hired, their information becomes their permanent record. In addition, you can upload company documents for them to e-sign. This eliminates the need to use a third-party document storage platform. You can also communicate with the new hire directly on the StaffGlass system.

StaffGlass: Beyond the Applicant Tracking System

StaffGlass picks up where applicant tracking systems leave off — that is, the essential background screenings, drug and alcohol testing, and health assessments that government agencies require. Our recruitment solution includes the following:

Remote ID Verification — Your candidate scans in their government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, from their mobile device. Their information is automatically entered into the system. This eliminates manual data entry and the chance of errors, and it prevents unverified changes to their data.
Background Screenings — Choose from a wide range of background checks, including criminal background databases, reference checks, and courthouse repositories. You can verify candidate experience and education history, obtain motor vehicle reports, order DOT testing services and more.
Drug and Alcohol Testing — We offer urine drug testing, hair follicle drug tests, alcohol tests, and DOT drug testing, with many available options. Pre-employment screenings (and ongoing workplace testing) is ordered directly from the StaffGlass dashboard. The candidate chooses their desired location and time, and results are securely delivered and accessible from their central record. You’re provided regular status notifications.
Occupational Health Assessments — Many government jobs may require a pre-employment physical or other health assessments. We offer employment physicals, respiratory health and tuberculosis tests, antibody tests, vision and hearing exams, biometrics, antibody tests, and vaccinations. As with our drug testing, health screenings are ordered from the person’s record. They choose a location, and the results are delivered and stored securely using advanced data protection. You can register candidates for screenings at one of our nationwide facilities, making the process convenient for both them and you.
E-Sign Document Management — StaffGlass lets you integrate e-sign documents into your recruitment and hiring process. It securely stores tax forms, waivers, employment agreements, and consent forms in the same location where your applicant and employee records reside. This helps with compliance and protects your organization in the event of an audit. You can even pre-fill document fields with verified data to avoid errors.

StaffGlass Simplifies Recruitment and Hiring

Since you can move seamlessly from pre-employment vetting to onboarding, StaffGlass helps you get new employees up to speed quickly and efficiently. Our advanced software includes best-in-class data encryption and data management. This ensures legal compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, while protecting sensitive company documents.

Learn how StaffGlass can help you make smarter hiring decisions quickly, reducing time to hire. Contact us today.