Nanny Recruitment Software

If you're an HR manager at a nanny recruitment agency, or you work at a larger staffing agency that hires people to care for children, you'll know how important it is to find highly qualified candidates. Applicants must have a rigorous background check to ensure that they are experienced and trustworthy. What you need is comprehensive nanny agency software. Even if the parents enlist a professional nanny staffing agency to help them find a nanny, not all agencies conduct comprehensive screenings. However, it's very important — especially for long-term childcare or infant care.

StaffGlass is a cloud-based software platform that incorporates ID verification, background screenings, drug testing services, health assessments and e-sign document management. This mobile-friendly platform is easy to use. It's an excellent way to streamline your nanny staffing business while adding value for your clients and a pleasant experience for applicants.

Nanny agency management software helps you find the most qualified nannies for your clients, and applicants will appreciate the smooth recruitment and onboarding process. Satisfied clients and candidates help you grow your business.

How Do Agencies Recruit Nannies?

A staffing agency will first discuss needs and requirements with the family. They’ll create a job description and search their database to find the best candidates. Agencies will source candidates, conduct interviews and check references, matching clients with the best nannies.

How Does Recruitment Software Find Better Nannies?

If your staffing recruitment application includes background screenings, employment verification, and drug testing, you can ensure that your nannies are highly experienced, healthy, and trustworthy. StaffGlass puts all these tools at your fingertips, through a convenient cloud platform.

Why You Should Use Nanny Agency Management Software

How does your staffing agency currently recruit and onboard nannies for child care or infant care? You may have software that sources candidates, but it probably doesn’t include rigorous background checks, with many available options for verifying employment, checking references and ensuring that the individual doesn’t have a criminal background.

If you do pre-employment drug testing, that will likely be a separate business and platform, which may require that you keep track of appointment scheduling separately. And then there’s health screenings, vaccinations, documents to sign, etc., which adds up to many different staffing applications and procedures! StaffGlass can handle it all, from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

StaffGlass Nanny Agency Software

Our integrated staffing and onboarding platform is ideal for nanny agencies. Starting with remote ID scanning and verification, StaffGlass helps you create a smooth workflow for your staffing processes. It includes robust background verification, drug and alcohol testing services, health screenings and e-sign document management.

Communicate directly in the platform with your candidates. The dashboard provides status notifications at every step of the recruitment process. You can even hire through the platform, and the person’s information becomes their employee record. From there, you can order regular drug tests and health screenings and upload essential documents that new hires must sign. StaffGlass helps to streamline and greatly simplify your staffing operation.

Features include:

ID Verification — Applicant scans in their government-issued ID from their smartphone.
Background Checks — Choose from criminal background screening databases, courthouse repositories, reference checks, employment history verification and more.
Drug and Alcohol Testing — Order online from many tests that screen for prescription and street drugs. Applicants choose a convenient testing location from more than 14,000 clinics nationwide. Results are delivered and stored securely in the app.
Occupational Health Assessments — These include physicals, antibody tests and vaccinations. Order, schedule, track and view results directly from the person’s record.
e-Sign Document Management — Store signed employment agreements, consent forms and tax documents. Minimize your company’s liability.

StaffGlass benefits include advanced encryption and data management, a cloud-based application that’s accessible on any mobile device, and a flexible pricing model. Pay a monthly fee for what you need and add services as your staffing company grows. There are no upfront costs for equipment and software.

Contact us for more information about StaffGlass for your nanny agency. We’ll help you supercharge your nanny hiring experience!