Healthcare Talent Management System

Does your healthcare organization have a system for managing new talent? As a human resources manager in the healthcare field, your focus will be on making the talent acquisition process as smooth and efficient as possible, while finding the most qualified candidates. But you might still be using multiple software solutions and manual processes to accomplish these complex tasks. Robust talent management software can help tremendously, especially if it combines healthcare industry recruiting and onboarding tasks into a single cloud-based platform.

StaffGlass is an integrated talent management platform that offers remote ID verification, background checks, drug testing, occupational health assessments and e-sign document management. Everything is centralized in a single applicant/employee record and accessed through a mobile-friendly dashboard. It's the ultimate in convenience for recruiters, candidates and new hires.

What Are the Key Components of Talent Management?

Talent management involves acquisition and retention, compensation, learning and motivating, strategic planning, performance management, and career development. The challenge in healthcare recruiting is to reduce costs while attracting (and retaining) top talent and improving patient satisfaction and safety.

StaffGlass is a true cost-saver. By automating and streamlining so many staffing and onboarding processes, your facility can reduce time and cost of hiring. Our comprehensive background checks, drug testing and health assessments helps you maintain a healthy, safe workforce to serve your patients and add value to your organization.

Why is Talent Management Important?

Providing a positive experience for candidates and employees will help attract the best people and you’ll see greater employee engagement and retention, making your company stronger. Healthcare recruiters know that in today’s highly competitive world, you must make the recruitment process as easy as possible.

How is Talent Management Used in Healthcare?

For the healthcare industry, competition to hire the best people is fierce. Cost is a concern, but so is employee retention, which translates to better patient care. Medical facilities use an integrated talent management software solution to reduce costs and time-to-hire, while providing a satisfying onboarding experience.

How StaffGlass Improves Your Healthcare Staffing and Talent Management

Using the most advanced technology, advanced encryption and data management, StaffGlass automates many previously manual processes involved in healthcare recruiting.

There are many talent management solutions out there, but StaffGlass is unique, as it’s built upon a nationwide network of clinics that provide comprehensive drug and alcohol testing and health screenings. These are services that every healthcare recruiting department requires, so having this important tool will give you a competitive advantage over other medical facilities in your area.

StaffGlass offers:

Remote ID Scanning

Your candidate scans their government-issued ID into the system from their mobile device. This eliminates any chance of error and creates a single, centralized applicant record.

ID Verification and Background Screening

Choose from criminal background screening databases, reference checks, courthouse repositories, employment verification, license verification, motor vehicle reports, and more. Results can be viewed from the secure dashboard within minutes.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

This essential service for medical facilities is typically handled manually. We provide the ability to order a wide variety of tests online, schedule those tests and then view the results securely from the person’s record. The candidate can choose a convenient location for testing, and you’ll receive status notifications at every step.

Occupational Health Assessments

You can schedule pre-employment screenings or regular exams. We offer physicals, antibody testing, tuberculosis testing, respiratory health exams, vision and hearing tests, biometrics, vaccines, and immunizations.

Document and E-Sign Management

Avoid having to keep track of emails by using our integrated e-sign management for your essential forms and documents. Having signed documentation in one secure location minimizes your liability and simplifies the hiring and onboarding process, both for you and for your new hires.

Seamless Applicant to Employee Transitioning

After hiring, the applicant record becomes the person’s employee record. From there, you can order and schedule future drug and health screenings and obtain signed tax forms, consent forms, employment agreements and other documents.

Learn why StaffGlass is the #1 choice among healthcare organizations and get started today.