Healthcare Staffing Software

There has never been a time when hiring experienced healthcare professionals quickly and efficiently was more critical. Is your medical staffing software up to the task? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that healthcare employment will grow by 15 percent by 2029, faster than all other industries. A greater demand for health workers requires the most robust healthcare staffing software solution and onboarding process. Today's technology tools must keep up with healthcare staffing industry trends and changing workplace requirements, while providing management and applicants with a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

StaffGlass is an integrated recruiting and onboarding platform that helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations. It combines remote ID verification, various background screening options, drug and alcohol testing, occupational health screening, and e-sign document management.

How Can I Use Staffing Software for My Company?

It can be used to find qualified candidates, perform background checks, and track applicants as they go through the recruitment process. But StaffGlass goes further, adding comprehensive drug testing, health screenings, and e-sign capability for important documents.

What Staffing Software is Best for Healthcare?

The best recruitment software for medical facilities includes background screenings, drug testing and health assessments, since medical staff work closely with the public and often have access to prescription drugs. For compliance purposes, your facility also needs a secure location for signed documents.

StaffGlass Paperless Onboarding and Workforce Management Software

StaffGlass is an ideal solution built for healthcare staffing and onboarding. It automates labor intensive tasks, such as entering applicant information, running background checks, ordering drug tests and scheduling health assessments. Like an applicant tracking system (ATS), our staffing software provides real-time status notification. Since it is a cloud-based platform, hiring managers, staffing agencies, and executives can all access the latest information from any location and on any mobile device, for easier collaboration.

Other benefits include:

Best in class encryption and data protection.
Single applicant/employee record eliminates errors and duplication.
The ability to schedule screenings, follow status, and view results in one place.
Easy to set up and use; no hardware or software to purchase.
Helps human resources department build a seamless, integrated workflow.
Creates an easier recruiting experience for potential hires.

How StaffGlass Works

With StaffGlass cloud recruiting software, your workforce management couldn’t be easier. The process is as follows:

An applicant uploads their government-issued ID remotely, using their smartphone.
You can interact with candidates through the portal.
Run and view background screenings, from criminal background checks and reference checks to motor vehicle reports, employment verification, and more.
Register candidates for drug testing. We offer a wide selection of drug and alcohol tests.
The individual can choose the location from our more than 14,000 clinics nationwide.
After the test is scheduled, you will receive regular status notifications each step of the way. The candidate can also check on the status of their recruitment process.
Results can be securely viewed from the StaffGlass dashboard.
Schedule occupational health screenings, as required for the position. We offer physicals, antibody tests, respiratory health exams, vision and hearing exams, tuberculosis testing, biometrics, vaccines, and immunizations.
Request signed consent forms, waivers, and other signed documents from the candidate using the built-in e-sign document management feature.
If you decide to hire, you can do so directly from the dashboard, and the applicant’s record automatically becomes their employee record.
Order future drug tests and health assessments as needed throughout their employment.
Obtain other e-sign documents, such as tax forms, employment agreements and other required documentation. Upload the employee handbook for their review.

Choose StaffGlass as your medical staffing software to streamline operations, find better candidates, and reduce your organization’s onboarding time.