Healthcare Onboarding Software

How critical is your organization's new employee onboarding? According to employee engagement consultants O.C. Tanner, 69% of employees that have a "great onboarding experience" will stay at the organization for at least three years. At a time when one in five hospitals are experiencing a staffing shortage, employee retention is especially important. When considering different onboarding solutions, remember that it isn't just about job training and benefits — it's about making onboarding easy and convenient for your new hires.

For positions in the healthcare industry, there are various screenings that must be conducted and paperwork that needs to be signed, for safety reasons and to stay compliant with state and federal guidelines. StaffGlass is an integrated onboarding solution that's easy to use, not just for your HR personnel, but for new employees.

What Are the 4 Phases of Onboarding?

The four phases are orientation, job training, transition into full productivity, and ongoing development. In the orientation phase, there is likely a lot of onboarding paperwork that a new hire in the healthcare field needs to sign. StaffGlass employee onboarding software includes e-sign document management, making the onboarding process much easier.

What is Clinical Onboarding?

Clinical onboarding is more than just acclimating a healthcare worker to their new position. Healthcare organizations must comply with state and federal regulations to ensure that workers have the necessary certifications, health assessments, and vaccinations. Records must be kept up-to-date—and this is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. StaffGlass can streamline onboarding.

How Much Does Onboarding Software Cost?

If your organization purchases a “technology stack” to handle different aspects of onboarding, it can get costly. StaffGlass combines ID verification, background checks, drug testing, health assessments, and e-sign document management into a single application with subscription pricing. This is a cost-effective solution since you pay for only those services you need.

How StaffGlass Improves the Healthcare Recruiting and Onboarding Process

With StaffGlass, the onboarding process begins at recruitment. This is important for professionals in health care, since health screenings can be ordered immediately after a conditional offer of employment is made. You will then have the knowledge you need to request that the new hire gets vaccinated, if necessary, before they begin their employment.

The StaffGlass recruiting and onboarding process is as follows:

Remote ID Verification — Applicant data is scanned from a government-issued ID directly into the system, eliminating data entry errors. This creates their centralized record, and you can communicate with the applicant through our secure platform. If the person is hired, it becomes their employee record, from which you can order, track, and manage all mandatory screenings throughout their employment.
Comprehensive Background Screening — From the candidate record, you can order background checks that look at criminal background screening databases and courthouse repositories. We also offer reference checks, license and employment history verification, motor vehicle reports, and more. Results are available in minutes and can be viewed from the secure dashboard.
Drug and Alcohol Testing — Pre-employment screenings and subsequent drug tests can be ordered from the StaffGlass dashboard. We have many options available, from a 5-panel urine drug test to a comprehensive 22-panel drug test that includes prescription opiates and street drugs. There are also alcohol tests, synthetic drug tests, and more. Applicants and employees choose a convenient location from our nationwide network of more than 14,000 clinics. You’ll get status notifications every step of the way and can view the results from their record.
Occupational Health Assessments and Vaccinations — For healthcare professionals who work in high-volume facilities with immunocompromised patients, regular health screenings are essential. We offer employment physicals, antibody tests, immunizations, respiratory health tests, tuberculosis tests, vision and hearing exams, diagnostic blood tests, and biometrics. As with our drug testing services, workers can select the desired location for their screening. Results are delivered securely and can be viewed and kept for future reference.
E-Sign Document Management — Upon hire and throughout their employment, your organization can obtain and store e-signed documentation from your employees. This may include consent forms, employment agreements, tax documents, employee handbooks, and operating procedures.

StaffGlass provides:

An integrated solution for onboarding new hires
Centrally located records to help organizations stay in compliance
A cloud-based platform that can be accessed from a mobile device
Real-time updating for always accurate data
Fast startup – nothing to install; vendor handles all updates
Seamless workflows from candidate through new hire
Streamlined onboarding processes for greater efficiency
A good experience for new employees

Get started with StaffGlass today for your healthcare onboarding.