Healthcare Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems may be able to help you organize your search for top talent, and they use algorithms and analytics to refine that search to match your desired skills and abilities—but applicant tracking systems don't address the special needs of healthcare organizations. The best healthcare recruiting software integrates ID verification and comprehensive background checks, in addition to required pre-employment drug testing, health assessments, and e-sign document management for essential paperwork.

The only recruiting solution that can do all these essential tasks is StaffGlass.

Our cloud-based talent management platform is built upon Health Street's nationwide network of licensed drug testing and occupational health screening labs. In addition to providing robust background checks, you can order, schedule and track pre-employment screenings, and then view the results securely from the dashboard. When a candidate is hired, their centralized record becomes their employee record, letting you request signed documents and order additional testing that is required for onboarding and throughout their employment. StaffGlass is truly built for healthcare recruiting!

How StaffGlass Goes Far Beyond Traditional Applicant Tracking Systems

If you’re looking for robust healthcare recruiting software that seamlessly takes applicants through the hiring process and into onboarding quickly and efficiently, StaffGlass is the best solution. Unlike applicant tracking systems that are designed primarily to source and evaluate job seekers, our recruitment software combines automated ID verification, background checks, drug testing, occupational health screenings, and e-sign document management. It helps you find the best applicants, provides true candidate management, and will greatly reduce your time to hire.

Our software features include:

Remote ID Verification — Candidates can upload their government-issued ID remotely, and their information is automatically read into the system. This ensures accuracy and prohibits changes to employee data. You can also communicate with the applicant from within the platform.
Background Screenings — Since applicant data comes directly from their verified ID, data entry errors are eliminated. You can choose from various criminal background screening databases, reference checks, and courthouse repositories. License and employment history verification is also available, as are motor vehicle reports and more. Results are viewed on the secure dashboard.
Drug and Alcohol Testing — Order from a wide selection of drug and alcohol tests for candidates. They can then choose a convenient time and location from our nationwide network of more than 14,000 clinics. You’ll get status notifications throughout the process, and test results will be securely delivered and can be viewed from their centralized applicant record. If the person is hired, this becomes their employee record, so that periodic tests can be ordered.
Occupational Health Screenings — Health checks are extremely important for medical workers who will be caring for patients. We offer various kinds of physicals, antibody tests and vaccinations, in addition to blood tests and biometric exams. As with our drug testing, applicants can choose the most convenient time and location from our large network of clinics across the U.S. Ordering, registration, getting status notifications and viewing results is all done from the easy-to-use StaffGlass dashboard. After establishing baseline health data for each applicant, records are retained so that the health status of all new hires can be closely monitored. This is an essential feature for any healthcare recruiting software.

StaffGlass is the Recruiting Platform of Choice for Healthcare Organizations

If your hospital or medical facility is facing talent acquisition challenges, StaffGlass is a cost-effective solution that can streamline your hiring process while helping you to make smarter hiring decisions to build a premiere team.

Benefits include:

Integrated workflow with status notifications
Advanced encryption and data management technology
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that can be easily scaled
Mobile-friendly dashboard
Real-time updating
Centralized information that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere

StaffGlass will make your hiring process more efficient and successful. Contact us for more information and learn how to get started!

Learn About Applicant Tracking Systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) only takes you through part of the complex recruitment process. Although some include basic background checks, they fall short of what the healthcare industry needs to properly vet candidates and find qualified healthcare professions. They don’t include integrated drug testing and occupational health testing—both of which are mandatory for doctors, nurses, administrators, and staff working in medical facilities and providing health services.

What Does an Applicant Tracking System Do?

An ATS includes solutions for applicant sourcing, resume management, and candidate video interviewing. It collects background information, employment history, and may ask work-related questions. Modern applicant tracking uses advanced technology and algorithms to collect, scan, sort, and rank applicants.

Can Applicant Tracking Systems Read PDFs?

Most ATS platforms can read PDF documents. However, an ATS is not able to read graphics or tables, so candidates are advised to stay away from graphics and special characters when uploading a resume in PDF format to an ATS.

Do Healthcare Professionals Use an ATS?

Employers in the healthcare industry may use ATS software to source and evaluate job applicants. However, it might not be in their best interest to rely on algorithms to find quality medical professionals. It is far more important to have an integrated solution for your required screenings and signed documents—services which StaffGlass provides.