Government Recruitment Software

Hiring the most qualified candidates can be a lengthy process for any business, but government recruiting is especially challenging. Recruiting software for government use must be extremely secure and be able to handle a large candidate pool. The standard procedure for government recruiting will include rigorous background checks, and most likely drug testing. Depending on the position, there may also be mandatory occupational health screenings. Government recruiters handle a lot of signed paperwork for applicants and new hires, making secure e-sign document management another "must have." Too often, government recruiting software is a pieced-together hodgepodge of different applications and platforms, requiring considerable time to coordinate and keep track of. Fortunately, there's a better solution.

StaffGlass is more than just a recruitment tool. Starting with remote ID verification, it takes you through the recruitment and onboarding process, providing an integrated solution that will help your organization hire top talent quickly and efficiently.

The Recruitment Challenges for Government Offices — and the StaffGlass Solution

Whether your organization is at the federal, state or municipal level, there are significant recruiting challenges that the private sector doesn’t have. These include:

Different needs and requirements than private sector companies, which may differ between different departments and levels.

Due to a high volume of candidates, your governmental agency may require a robust applicant tracking system (ATS) plus automated background checks, drug tests, occupational health assessments, and e-sign document management for consent forms, employment agreements, NDAs, tax documents, and other essential paperwork.

In addition to providing all these services in one integrated platform, StaffGlass includes status notification and a smooth workflow that government recruiters need to speed up the recruitment and hiring process. You can choose different background, drug, and health screenings for different departments and position levels.

The need to collect and store a lot of sensitive information, with strict state and federal regulations for data security and maintaining applicant records, and penalties for non-compliance.

StaffGlass provides best-in-class data security standards, with SSL/TLS in-transit data encryption, and ‘at rest’ data encryption that uses 256-bit AES ciphers. Physical data center security is provided by Amazon cloud, which includes network segmentation and tenant data isolation. We’ve received an “A” score on the Qualys SSL Labs test.

Complex recruitment process with multiple recruiters and hiring managers and various levels of approval for new hires.

StaffGlass is web-based, so information can be accessed by recruiting teams, anywhere, with real-time updating. It is a mobile-friendly platform which is ideal for those who must frequently travel.

Traditional recruiting process for governmental organizations use a lot of paper.

StaffGlass is an entirely paperless hiring and onboarding solution. It includes e-sign document storage and the seamless transition of candidate to new employee. All paperwork is securely stored, accessible from the dashboard, and tied to each candidate/employee.

There may be many candidates for multiple positions at once.

StaffGlass makes it easy to coordinate pre-employment screening, drug testing and health assessments for many candidates as well as ongoing testing and screening for employees. The system lets you monitor a candidate’s status throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

Rigorous background checks and screenings required prior to hiring.

StaffGlass is ideal government recruiting software, since you can order reference checks, employment history verification, criminal background checks, and more, for better informed hiring decisions. You can also order a wide range of drug tests and health assessments. Applicants can select a date and location from our more than 14,000 licensed clinics nationwide. Our automated system lets you order tests, view results directly from the person’s single applicant record, and securely store the information.

Municipal agencies often use older recruiting practices and outdated HR software.

Does your agency use antiquated processes and multiple applications? The latest HR technology is moving towards integration. StaffGlass government recruiting software is a single-platform solution. It will save your organization time and money, decrease the time to hire, and provide consistent high-quality employees.

State level agencies hire through committees, so they need recruiting software that lends itself to collaboration and multiple users.

StaffGlass is cloud-based and easily accessed from a phone, mobile device or laptop. Your staff can access a candidate’s information at any time, from any location. There is a single record for each applicant, which eliminates duplication and saves time. The person’s information is instantly accessible. Upon hire, this becomes their official employee record, so that any regular employee screenings and required paperwork can be requested, tracked, and viewed by your team members.

Especially with federal agencies, candidates may be applying from around the U.S.

This requires coordinating from different time zones, with the need to conduct hiring processes remotely. StaffGlass lets you verify, screen, and hire remote candidates with secure ID verification that is ideal for remote contract workers. The candidate scans in their government-issued ID with their smartphone, and the information is securely read into the platform. This eliminates data errors that can occur with manual entry, ensuring a simplified background check process. You can communicate with candidates through the platform, eliminating separate email threads.

Why StaffGlass Provides the Best Integrated Government Recruitment Solution

StaffGlass recruiting software lets you leverage our advanced technology to help your organization with candidate tracking, screening, and document management, so you can hire the best people. We automate time-consuming tasks and combine multiple processes into one easy-to-use platform. This shortens the hiring time for busy government offices and streamlines onboarding.

Organize your talent acquisition practices for greater efficiency in your government office and a more qualified workforce. Contact StaffGlass today to get started.

What Are the 7 Stages of Recruitment?

Prepare an ideal candidate profile.
Source candidates.
Conduct interviews.
Make a conditional employment offer.
Conduct background checks and drug screenings.
Hire your new employee.
Obtain required signed documents and onboard new hire.

StaffGlass integrates many recruitment tasks into a single, secure platform.

What is Talent Acquisition Software?

This a recruiting tool that combines tasks such as managing applicants, screening, evaluation, and onboarding of new employees. This type of software helps your company find quality candidates faster and more effectively. StaffGlass is talent acquisition software that includes ID verification, background checks, drug screening, health assessments, and e-sign document management.

What Recruiting Software Do Governments Use?

Many public sector entities use outdated government recruiting software and multiple applications and websites for tracking applicants, verifying identity, running background checks, doing pre-employment drug testing, and obtaining signed documents. StaffGlass is a cloud-based recruiting platform that integrates all these hiring tasks, seamlessly and securely.